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type of use stationary
type of cassettedeck single deck
number of heads 2
head type LA
number of motors 2
auto reverse auto reverse
feather touch yes
music sensor (AMS) yes
auto play yes
rec mute yes
timer standby yes
VU meters FL (FL display)
peak hold yes
tape counter yes (lineair)
memory yes
bias positions / tape tapes 4
Dolby noise reduction C
metal position (type IV) yes
bias adjust -
variable out -
remote control optional
audio quality
frequency range from 20 Hz
frequence range upto 17000 Hz
signal/noise ratio (without Dolby) 58 dB
signal/noise ratio (Dolby B) 65 dB
signal/noise ratio (Dolby C) 71 dB
wow and flutter 0.065 %
width 355 mm
height 80 mm
depth 280 mm